Help Javiera fight for a better Durham

Community Safety

Support the citywide, 24/7 expansion of the HEART program, with the goal of answering a broader array of 911 calls for service. 

Create a civilian traffic unit in the Community Safety Department, which is newly-authorized by HB 140. This will also lower workloads for Durham police officers.

Address gun violence by collaborating with the City, County and Durham Public Schools. Offer more youth programming and access to both mental health and social supports.

Continue and expand the success of our Misdemeanor Diversion Program for youth.

High Quality, Affordable Housing

Approve a new affordable housing bond with dedicated resources to redevelop McDougald Terrace, create permanent supportive housing, build dedicated units for senior residents, and gap financing for private and nonprofit affordable development.

Collaborate on a coordinated affordable housing plan with Durham County and Durham Public Schools to provide workforce housing for city, county, and school workers.

Create a day shelter for our unsheltered neighbors, in collaboration with Durham County and the Continuum of Care network.

Dedicate additional resources for eviction diversion through Legal Aid.

Support the funding of a nonprofit for rental assistance funds supported by the city, the county, and private donations.

An Economy that Works for All of Us

Value our city workers and contractors by assessing the city’s current Living Wage commitments and implement cost-of-living increases for all city workers and contractors.

Support cultural workers by creating a Durham City and County Cultural Affairs Office. This office would use private donations to help cultural workers remain in Durham, despite rising costs.

Continue and expand the work that the City of Durham’s Office of Economic and Workforce is doing to support Latino and other immigrant owned businesses.

Build a larger Convention Center to increase city revenue and reduce reliance on property taxes. Fund a multi-sport complex in line with the vision of the Durham Sports Commission.

Environmental Sustainability

Continue prioritizing funding for environmental justice initiatives, including sustainable and equitable infrastructure projects.

Approve a green and equitable infrastructure bond to fund safe and accessible bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and Durham parks. This will include the Splash and Play Project for the redevelopment of Long Meadow, East End, and Wheels Fun Park.

Ensure that city government continues to work with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to address lead found in public parks.

Reduce reliance on single-use plastic by enacting a plastic bag fee ordinance aligned with the proposal from Don’t Waste Durham.

Convenient Public Transportation

Continue to facilitate affordable and sustainable transportation with free buses.

Make downtown more pedestrian and bike friendly by collaborating with Downtown Durham Inc to create no-car opportunities.

Protect our bicyclists by committing all necessary resources to the Vision Zero Action Plan, once finalized.

Expand rail transit opportunities through collaboration with Durham County, DCHC MPO, the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), the NC Department of Transportation, and the US Department of Transportation.